Delivering Value out of your GRC/IRM solution

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Delivering Value out of your GRC/IRM solution

We deliver true value from your ServiceNow IRM/GRC solution



  ServiceNow IRM/GRC Artchitecture Services

To get full value from your IRM/GRC ServiceNow solution, it is important to master its architecture and to understand the consequences of configurations or customisation. Mastering the architecture is as well critical to better adjust processes and technology. IRM.Expert experience in that matter is a must for your success.

  ServiceNow IRM/GRC Implementation Audit

If, after 6 months live, you feel that you do not get all the expected value from your ServiceNow IRM/GRC solution, contact IRM.Expert and we will audit the implementation, identify possible flaws and make recommendations so you can reach the full potential of your solution

Legacy GRC solution to ServiceNow IRM/GRC Gap Analysis and Roadmap

You have selected ServiceNow IRM/GRC as your second generation technology to replace Archer, BWyse, MetricStream or OpenPages. IRM.Expert will help you understand the gap and plan for the migration / transformation journey

One of the key to success on ServiceNow IRM/GRC implementation resides in the design of the Risk & Control Frameworks, their aggregation principles, the balance between adherence to a standard vs. ad-hoc content, the Risks and Controls mapping and the level of testing / assessment automation.

IRM.Expert will help you to design this Risk Framework and will propose the best migration strategy for your existing Risk Register(s).

The design of your Entity (Profile) Classes and Types is as critical as the design of the Risk & Control Frameworks, because it will define how you actually generate risks and control instances towards your Entities (IT Assets, Org structures, Processes, Vendors, Projects, etc...).

IRM.Expert brings its expertise in these matters to ensure you design and implement a Risk Universe that represents your organisation.

ServiceNow IRM/GRC Customer specific Training

Risk & Control Frameworks design Strategies

Entity Class / Types design Strategies

You are implementing ServiceNow IRM/GRC and you would like to design specific training sessions for your organisation, tailored to your configured solution. IRM.Expert is experienced in designing and delivering such training sessions.

"Back to Core" ServiceNow IRM/GRC 

if you really have customised your existing applications a lot (fields, new Client Scripts, new Business Rules, new UI Actions, new Tables, new m2m relationships, etc..). my Company IRM Expert Ltd specialises into Architecture support around IRM/GRC and "Back to Core" is a typical service we deliver to customers (see http://IRM.Expert). Typical Process:

  • Gap Analysis between your AS/IS solution and ServiceNow Core IRM/GRC
  • Evaluation of the needs for TO/BE and test how close to Core it can be
  • Design of a RoadMap to go back to Core, or as close to Core as possible (TO/BE)
  • Architecture accompaniment along your journey, either:
    • Project run internally
    • Project outsourced to a ServiceNow GRC Implementation Partner
  • Reception of the Project / Architecture sign-off.
Delivering Value out of your GRC/IRM solution

IRM.Expert is here to help and support you along your implementation project and regularly after, to help you designing the next phases to deliver more value to your organisation.

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IRM.Expert has open discussions with several potential partners, to evaluate possible collaborations.

Jan 2, 2020

IRM.Expert is officially launched and its services available to customers.

Jan 1, 2020

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